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On-Site Austin Computer Repair Services

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No job is too difficult.
No mistake is too ridiculous.
No fee is to big.

We are ready to believe you!

Whisk your employees away to the Renaissance when employees worked
well over 100 hours per week and were beaten if they complained!

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Three DON'TS to Consider When Hiring a Computer Tech
Do you know what these terms mean?
Are you a Business Manager?
What is this really all about?
Computer Repair
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Three DON'TS to Consider When Hiring a Computer Tech

    1. Don't hire another Nerd to work on your computer, get someone with style!
    2. Don't pay a fortune outsourcing your computer repair when you can get free music while your computer is being prepared.
    3. Don't bother with poorly dressed computer techs in jeans and a t-shirt. Hire bards with finesse! Dressed in the finest Renaissance attire.

Do you know what these terms mean?

    1. IRQ?
    2. DMA?
    3. SIMM?

    Well we do. Plus, "wrote a song about it-Like to hear it?-Here it goes!"

Are you a Business Manager?

    • Improve your employee productivity by making the time your employees waste, THAT much more special.
    • Hire a true genius! One who's eccentric.
    • Stop the Hawaiian Print Shirt days, and Experience the Renaissance!

What is this really all about?

Marc Gunn and Andrew McKee are Bards. More specifically, they are Austin's Original Celtic Renaissance, The Brobdingnagian Bards. But when they're not busy serenading young ladies and riling new patriots with some of the greatest music the world has ever known, they are fixing computers for Austin's best businesses.

Computer Repair or Musical Computer Repair!

The CompuBards offer two types of computer repair services:

  1. Straight-forward, every-day, let-me-fix-your-prob computer repair, at $90 per hour, and,
  2. CompuBard Repair...For $400 per hour (plus travel for national gigs), we'll not only come out and fix your computer, we'll serenade you and your office as well! Plus, you'll get a FREE CD of our music to remember us by.

If you live in Austin, call 567-3194 Before We Decide to Get REAL Jobs and you miss out on the greatest computer repair business venture since canned tuna!

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