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Brobdingnagian Bards (pronounced brob-din-nahg-EE-en) are The Original Celtic Renaissance music duo. They take traditional Irish and Scottish songs and give them a comedic twist. Their unique brand of music on the autoharp, recorder, and mandolin put Austin, Texas on the Celtic music map and made them one of the most-popular Celtic groups online.

Starting in 1999, Brobdingnagian Bards performed coast-to-coast, and in a given month were at a Lord of the Rings Oscar Party, a Celtic festival, or a Science Fiction Convention. However, they were an legendary favorite at Renaissance Faires where they added high-energy and wit to make every show a memorable experience.

The band officially broke up in 2008. But these Celtic Music innovators are now back together!

In 2018, they relaunched their band with the support of the Nagians Only Club. Their fans support the Bards on Patreon allowing Marc and Andrew to create new music and new ways to entertain the world.

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