Scottish & Irish folk songs combined with Lord of the Rings music and Celtic music fun at Renaissance Faires

Make the Texas Renaissance Festival Fun and Unforgettable with the Brobdingnagian Bards

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the world's largest Renaissance Festival in the world. It's like a small Renaissance city. You can't see everything in a day. But you can see the best shows.

Texas Renaissance Festival will once again celebrate the music of the Brobdingnagian Bards as they return for their sixth season.

The Bards were voted the #2 Folk Band in the 2003 Austin Music Awards. They were voted Best New Stage Act of Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2001, and Best Stage Act of Excalibur Fantasy Faire 2003. And they are a regular favorite at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

I saw the you all at the Texas RenFaire late on Sunday night (in Uncommon Adornments), and not only was it the first time I'd ever seen you, it was the first time I'd ever been to the Texas RenFaire. Thank you for topping off a wonderful day, and I'm looking forward to buying the CD's. --Tiff, Austin, TX

Time: TBA
Location: near Magnolia
City: Plantersville, Texas
Phone #: 800.458.3435
Website: Texas Renaissance Festival website

Past Performances: 1999-2006

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Our Favorite Bands we've shared the stage with at Texas Renaissance Festival:
· The Rogues
· Flying Fish Sailors
· Iris & Rose
· Owl Morrison
· Queen Anne's Lace
· The Shantyman
· Istanpitta (not Constantinople)

More great entertainment at Texas Renaissance Festival:
· Tartanic
· Ded Bob
· Gypsy Guerrilla Band
· Throw Up

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· The Directorie of Renaissance Faires
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