Scottish & Irish folk songs combined with Lord of the Rings music and Celtic music fun at Renaissance Faires

Tolkien Music Wall of Honor

Andrew and I want to extend a special thanks to these people who were so kind to help us out by purchasing a copy of the our Limited-Edition Tribute CD to JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Each CD was signed and numbered. The numbers below represent which CD each person will own upon completion of the tribute album.

  1. Rie Sheridan, Texas
  2. Kai-Erik Ballak, Germany
  3. Andrew Dwyer, Ontario, Canada
  4. Judy Wyatt Osburn, New Mexico
  5. Michael Liebmann (Southern Fried Filk, LLC), Georgia
  6. Crystal Black, California
  7. Traci Tant, Georgia
  8. Timothy Spain, California
  9. Peter Beckley, Colorado
  10. Carl Vidos, Texas
  11. Lisa Morgan, Texas
  12. Heather Smith, Texas
  13. Kelley Kelly, Conneticut
  14. Kathleen Veale, Oklahoma
  15. Kimberley Detjen, Texas
  16. Lisa Eveland, Texas
  17. Debra Mann, New York
  18. Anne, Texas
  19. Casey Scruggs, Oklahoma
  20. Caroline Ervolina, New York
  21. Brian Cancellieri, New York
  22. Sarah Snyder, Texas
  23. Debora & David Bibb, Colorado
  24. Eric Tillotson, Colorado
  25. Hagar, Texas
  26. Adrienne Rose, Texas
  27. Cynthia Warren, New York
  28. Helen Klinepeter, Pennsylvania
  29. Charlotte McKimson, California
  30. Anne Wonder, Maine
  31. Andre Koppel, Germany
  32. Katie Haeuser, Louisiana
  33. John Adcox, Georgia
  34. Dianne Nault, New Hampshire
  35. Carl Lowery, Iowa
  36. anonymous
  37. Douglas Dunkin
  38. Dannan Tavona, Oregon
  39. Dannan Tavona, Oregon
  40. Robert Schirmer




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