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Marked By Great Size

Liquid Sunshine

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Marked By Great Size

words and music Marc Gunn

A field of lavender I gaze
With the wind and the morning haze
The wind blows soft my hair
With the fragrance of the morning air

Gently I stroke your cheek
A tender touch of electricity
And the petals glow soft on your face
With shadows of silk-spun lace

In the hills I wander alone
Just a thought of my Island home
The echoing of your voice
Fills a harmony in my mind
as crystal pure
...as the liquid sunshine

The water glides off your skin
Sparkling as the purest of gems
Your eyes, they glitter and shine
Captivate my gaze in the warm sunshine

Under wings of purity, a dove
Lands soft on my shoulder with love.
She whispers words in my ear
This song, you long to hear.


Am E7 Am E7
Am E7 Am

G C Am Am
G C Am Am
G C Am Am
G C Am E7

Background: One of the first songs I wrote on the autoharp and by far the most popular of my pre-bard songs. Liquid Sunshine is a love song written about the soft droplets of rain that fall in Hawaii. The rain is so light it is called Liquid Sunshine.

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