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The Brobdingnagian Bards perform throughout the United States and have one of the biggest independent Celtic followings online thanks to fans telling fans about their music and free downloads.

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What people are saying about our music:

"I just attended my first house concert on Sept. 6th 2007 and let me say it was AWESOME! The guys were in great form the music was wonderful and being there on a "one on one" theme cant be matched. Marc & Andrew made sure we left completely entertained! And our host was most thoughful to our needs. My advise to all is look on the upcoming shows list and attend find out when they are going to be in a town near you and go and see them then you'll be like me and buy all of thier c.d.'s."
— Randy Edge, Clermont, GA

"I heard about you guys from a friend who saw you at Gencon… he came up to me and a few friends and said something like 'I have this song that you guys HAVE to hear'. He dragged us out to his car to hear the song (it was either Old Dun Cow or the Jedi Drinking song, I can’t remember which) and I was hooked immediately. You ROCK my frigging Irish SOCKS off! Kudos for creativity. I hope to see the Bards in concert one of these days—the live versions of the songs are cooler than the recorded ones I found online.  Now if only I could get that podcast to work…"
— Sarah O’Brien, Northville, MI

"You two have been THE best folk band I have ever heard!  I ran into your website when I was looking for some song lyrics, and you were always the first ones on the list. So I decided to listen to you, and you turned out the be the best. Tu an bards brobdingnagian mor!" (Tu an bards brobidngnagian mor, means your the Great Brobdingnagian Bards!)"
— Brannan Barber, Riverdale, UT

"Gammer and gaffer both like your music, so does my dad, and, of course, myself. You guys always manage to make me smile so I try to listen to at least one of your songs every morning. I heard about you guys in a book on the Lord of the Rings that mentioned the Psychopathic, Chronic, Schizophrenic Gollum Blues, so I decided to look in to it, then I got Memories of Middle Earth for my birthday and I was estatic. You guys will always be the first thing I listen to in the morning."
— Erica 'Pip' Nelson, Kenosha, WI

"My children have grown up listening to folk music their whole life, the upside of renfaire parents, you have always been one of their favorites. You absoultly made my youngest season when you sang his "chosen" song for him at the louisianna faire. I hope to see you there next year with the boys in tow. Thank you."
— Teresa Stephens, Gulfport, MS

"I have been involved with the faire here in Wichita, KS for years now, and have always been intrigued with that time period. As I was looking for traditional folk music of the Irish and Scottish variety and came across your website.( I needed something to sing while I stood around in my kilt because yes, real men do wear kilts) I listened to every song availible on the website over the next day and made everyone I knew listen. They were classic, and needless to say, but saying it anyway, I bought a few CD's a couple days after that. Your music is great, and it has led me to research more into the Irish heritage. Keep up the great work, and may you inspire others as you have me. Always a Brobdingnagian!"
— James Hook, Wichita, KS

"I was actually looking for Italian and French lullabies on Google. Apparently, all the computer picked up was ' lullabies ' and it sent me to the Irish lullaby page. So I listened to it (mostly because, despite what my mother says, I'm Celtic at heart)  and over time explored the rest of the site. Of course because I'm Virgo I became obsessed and spazed about the site and randomly sang all the songs I could remember. Eventually, my friend got tired of it and asked, 'Where the hell do you get this?' I smiled and said, 'I'm not sure. One minute I'm listening to a lullaby, the next I'm listening to a song about a leperchaun.' The whole ordeal was quite funny."
—  Alyssa

"I recently saw the Bards for the first time in my friend's living room.  I hadn't planned on being there [it was a kind of last minute thing], but I'm so glad I went.  My dad only had money with him for one CD, but I've been listening to it non-stop since I got it.  It's super cool."
—  Kim Fox, GA

"I just saw the Bards in person at the Georgia Renaissance Festival and thought they were AWESOME! I purchase 4 C.D.'s while there! I hope that someday I'll see them at a house concert."
—  Randall D. Edge, Clermont, GA

"Love what I've heard so far. Found your website while looking for the lyrics to "By the Rising of the Moon". As I've gotten older I've grown much closer to and interested in exploring my own Irish Celtic heritage. You guys are great and although you sometimes inject more humor in some of your music, I rank the quality of your work with my two favorite Irish bands, The Irish Rovers and the Wolfe Tones. ."
—  Charlton Jones, Memphis, TN

"I stumbled over these guys while looking for Scarborough Faire, and I'm very glad I did, I've been hooked, and I love listening to their podcast, and I am just in love with their music."
—  Scott, Lincoln, Nebraska

"I found your music via the "Irish and Celtic Music Podcast" (I wish he would put more out more often) I started to look a bit into Irish and Celtic Music about a year ago. But I love the stuff you have out there, I bought a few of your songs off of iTMS. Please keep putting out more stuff."
—  Michael P. O'Connor, Pittsburgh, PA

"Hey Bards, So I was having a yucky few weeks. And not Until about an hour ago did I think to put on some of your music. And it worked like a charm!  I'm sorry to say that in the hecticness of life lately, I have forgotten how good your songs make me feel and although they don't solve many of the problems in life they sure make it more bearable and remind me that it is still beautiful and precious and worth every second of it.  So ... thank you. Your music is a gift.  To me today it was a warm embrace.  And that is priceless.  Know that tonight the bards are playing loud somewhere in Austin and that you are both remembered with a kind smile."
—  Zarina S., Austin, Texas

"I found the bards while looking for lyrics for "Fiddler's Green" and ever since, I have been hooked! You not only opened me up to the world of the bards, but the world of irish/celtic music! Buttercup's Lament on your CD Brobdignagian Fairy Tales has got to be one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard! Thank you so much!"
—  Alexander, San Diego, California

"I discovered these guys by total accident whilst searching for celtic and medievil music and clubs in Australia as I forgot to hit the only in australia pages only so got al pages from around the world. I love you guys, the music has brought much cheer into my life since my partner, who is in the Australian Airforce was posted out of our state and away from me for 3 years. Your music has cheered my lonely days and nights along with the fantatsic podcasts, which i downloaded all. Please come to Adelaide some time, im sure the Irish association over here would love to have you guys play and I would be your biggest fan there, as i would love to meet you guys in person. A new devoted fan Deb from the land downunder. "
—  Deborah Keyatta, Adelaide, South Australia

"I recieved the Bards' CD A Faire to Remember this Christmas and I love it! The side jokes in the songs really bring out their personalities and are just hysterical to listen to. Their renditions of 'Do Virgins Taste Better' and 'The Bright Side of Life' cheer up any day! I highly recommend the Bards, and can't wait to hear more of their music!"
—  Jeneba, Whiteland, IN

"as i was searching the net, i stumbled upon your site and i am absolutley in love! your rendition of 'wild mountain thyme' melts my heart and you do the best 'health to the company' i have ever heard. i was so amused by 'do virgins taste better' and 'the dragon's retort' that i had to message you and ask if you ever play any of the nebraska or iowa faires, since these are the closest to me. i would be willing to travel in to kansas or minnesota if you won't be making an appearance in my home area. thank you for your time and voice."
—  Amanda Jeannette

"As I got to spend some time getting to see you guys and enjoy your shows as well as getting to know you a little I must say that, as a fellow preformer, you both are great. The music is TOP NOTCH and the performances are GREAT. You added so much to the Louisiana Ren Faire this year that I am excited with anticipation about seeing you again."
—  Mike Younger, New Orleans, Louisiana

"I stumbled across the brobdingagian bards on an archived Dr Demento show and followed the link. I fell in love with their music so far I have bought two of their cd's and turned a couple of my friends on to them. It is great driving music. I drive 12 hours a day, and it keeps me laughing. Thanks Guys. p.s. when are you making a trip through california, would love to see you live "
—  Tim Burger, California

" I just want to say that not only are you two excellent musicians, but you're a joy to work with. Knowing that Andrew will crack a joke and make me smile in the morning, or Marc is always up for a hug makes the day go by so much faster. Your energy on stage inspire everyone who watches you. You guys are the best!"
—  Kristin Hacker Hickman, Missouri

"I just wanted to tell you guys how much I enjoy your music! I first discovered you on a few years ago. It was love at first that's not right. Love at first sound? Anyway, y'all are GREAT! I heard you were at DragonCon and really regret I didn't make it. If you're ever in Chattanooga, Tennessee I would LOVE to hear you perform! Hope all goes well! Keep up the EXCELLENT work! P.S. My husband nearly busted his gut laughing at your Jedi Drinking song. I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance! "
—  Nell, Tennessee

"the only downside is that you're in the us, and we're in the uk! We love your music. Thank you for brightening up our evenings, car drives, etc."
—  Nell, Somerset, England

"I just saw the Bards for the first time live at DragonCon 2005, and really enjoyed their show. I became an instant fan. I purchased their CD, A Faire To Remember, and enjoy it immensely. I hope to see them live again very soon."
—  Wanda C. Burns, North Carolina

"My friends and I adore your music- you're one of the best Celtic bands out there! We were all thrilled to find that you'll be coming to the KC Renaissance Festival. Can't wait to see you!"
—  Suzy, Lexington, Kentucky

"I just graduated from an arts high school, and admittedly Celtic music isn't a common interest with most of my friends, but almost all of them can get into your music. I love your MP3s. I'm saving up for your cds, and I'd like to thank you for the lyric portion of your website. I started learning mandolin about a month ago. Almost impossible to find a teacher, but it's all worked out now. I completely appreciate the fact that there are chords posted under the lyrics. You guys have been a great help. I'm subscribed to Celtic Mp3s magazine, which is awesome. I would be majorly happy if you guys came to perform at one of the Southern California renfaire's so I could see you guys live. Anyway, thanks. I realize this is closer to fanmail than a testimonial, but here it is."
—  Nora, California

"Well my friend and I came across the bards music while trying to seach for some good ole irish songs. We sat and listened to every song we could find by them. Yep we were hooked. We hope to one day make a celtic band half as good as the brobdingnagian bards. I start mandolin lessons this thursday and I can thank the bards for the inspiration to do so. Welp my friend and I hope to be able to see the bards this Oct. at the fair in Kansas. Also good luck on making your music Amore known, I'll do all I can to help spread the word. This is Shawn saying..OUT!"
—  Shawn Phillips, Oklahoma

"I discovered the Bards while listening to RenRadio and I've been in love ever since! With heartwarming vocals and istrumentals to die for, anytime is a good time to listen to these guys! It's all quite relaxing...I recommend listening to them while trying to complete stressful loads of homework! Thank you for being the best!"
—  Mary Hungerford, Illinois

"i stumbled upon your "angels lament" song one day while doing a buffy search, and i serioulsy feel in love. i'm irish and i go to alot of faires and i'm positive i saw you somewhere because some of your music is so familar... its so creative and it gets stuck in my head! but its cool cause the songs are so lighthearted and funny, so i'm in a good mood all day. i just wanted to let you know you rock the mic, and maybe i'll see you around again."
— Big fan, Brandilynn

"These guys are the greatest. Not only do they play and sing like masters, they have a special connection with their audiences that leaves no heart untouched. We hope to see them at KCRF again soon!"
— Merideth, Missouri

"You are addictive. Like heroin, in a kilt."
— Angela Suschena

"I found out about you guys when I was doing some research on celtic ballads I could perform. I heard some of your music, now I'm hooked. I just wanted to write to say Thanks, for showing me how beautiful music really can be. I've always been really passionate about my music, but I never had any idea that after my band underwent a name change, and a few new mwmbers... we could become some 'pretty' successful musicians. We owe it all to you guys. Thanks."
— Lorne Schradieck

"I heard about you guys from one of my good freinds. He loved your music so much that he always sang in the cafeteria at lunch. I went to the Texas Renaisance Festival last year and he told me that you guys had a show there so I checked it out. I loved your songs so much I bought 2 CDs right there!"
— Vanessa Harkins, Austin, Texas

"I decided to thank you for sharing your skills and talent.! After listening to some of Marc Gunn and Brobdingnagian Bards free MP3's, I purchased a few CD's and expect will make more purchases as gifts for others come fall. Your use of full length songs is appreciated and helped guide my purchase too. Those cropped off versions of songs tend to annoy me. I like to download the full version and listen a few times. buy the ones I find myself humming at odd moments or or anticipating the time it crops up in the play list. Those are the artists whose cd's wind up getting bough by met, the cropped off ones just get deleted."
— Donna Elstone, shopper

"You guys are awesome and I had so much fun listemning to you perform your songs... In fact one of the few things that i know i want for my birthday is a Brobdingnagian Bard CD."
— Lauren, the Virgin of ICON 24, New Jersey

"Hi, I'm an artist/writer, and I often work with your music as background score. The results, so far, have been pretty satisfying. Thank you for your wonderfully lighthearted and uplifting music. I absolutely love it."
— Sonal Panse, Nasik, India

"My babies and I love your music. It is a favorite at bedtime. Thank you for sharing with us!"
— Faeries at Heart

"I went to see both of your shows at I-CON so far, going to a third later on today. You guys are either geniuses or genuinely crazy, but either way you guys are awesome. The comedy, not only in the music, but your improv on stage is just hilarious and definitely fun to listen to. I will definitely be showing my shiny new CD off to my friends when I go home. I hope you are invited back next year, and if you are I look foward to it since no CD can top the live show."
— Greg Krassner, Stony Brook University

"Love your website and the free sampling of music. Your take
on The Unicorn was especially inspiring. I will be ordering your CDs as I think your music is great. When are you coming to Canada? We love celtic music and men in kilts north of the border too."

— Jan Forest, Manitoba, Canada

"This is a true testament to the Irish heart. They sing from the soul, making one whole. I no longer cry nights on end. This is like giving back my long lost friend. My Irish father. Their music can reach even the coldest of hearts, or make one laugh til they rip apart. Thank each of you for giving us Irish Texans and the rest, Only the Best!"
— Cordelia, Hillsboro, Texas

"I want to thank you for the great music you have made over these past years. I hope there is more to come. I am in San Antonio (having grown up all over as an Army brat) and never been happy listening to the local flavor of music. Don't get me wrong, I think music as a whole is good for all souls; just some makes the soul happier. All of your music has made me feel better no matter what the occasion."
— Robert Allen, Texas

"I am THRILLED that you two will be at KC Fest this year!! Not only are you great preformers but you seem like pretty fun guys to hang out with too. Be sure to visit us in the Soup Kitchen. Remember, good soup and warm's a good thing!!"
— Courtney McKenny, Missouri

"I saw you guys for the first time at Dragon Con this year although I regret I didn't get to hear you perform a full show I did hear you play in a hallway somewhere in the bowels of the convention center Sunday night and enjoyed it immensely. Since you all are in the Texas area and I'm in KY I guess my next chance to see a show will be next year at Dragon Con. In the meantime, I'm keeping myself satisfied with your stuff on and contemplating buying a CD. Wishing you continued success!"
— Amy

"Let's put it this way, they arrive early. They play music. The play throughout the day. The day is over and their still playing music. We love them!"
— Hamlet of Mid-Missouri Renaissance Festival

"We had planned on having a string quartet at our wedding. While looking on the web for groups, we ran across The Bards. We immediately called Karen's dad, since he was footing the bill, and played 'Tolkien' over the phone. It was an instant hit and we later chose it as the solo for our wedding ceremony. We decided to be a little different and use Maids in the Meadow for the recessional. It was wonderful!"
— Karen and Erik Hayden, Newlyweds

"We had the great pleasure to meet the Bards at the ICON at Stony Brook University the weekend of April 20 -21. It was our first introduction to a group we will (hopefully) be following for many years to come. We were able to watch them in concert and purchased 3 of their CD's, only the emptiness of our purse prohibiting the buying of anymore at the time. We look forward to completing our collection in the near future as well as the release of their next CD as we would very mucg like to have a copy of their 'Fellowship of the Ring' song which they played to close out their Sunday morning show."
— Debra Mann, New York

"Definitely some of the best RenFest music out there! You guys are a constant inspiration to the rest of us."
— Julie Zakar, Maryland

"I've been involved in renaissance festivals for 9 years, and I've seen a lot of music groups, but I'd never felt compelled to purchase a tape or cd from any one of them until this year when I saw you crazy kids at the Slater, MO ren fest. You guys are fun and extraordinarily good at what you do."
— Kerry Durrill, Nagian

"The Bards brought their unique blend of Celtic music to BD Riley’s on Wednesday. I have heard them a number of times before and I think the 45-50 minutes did not do justice to the range of music they can play. It was fun nevertheless, starting off with the catchy (and very funny) 'Do Virgin’s Taste Better' and followed up by a blitz songs such as ‘Bog Down Under’ and 'The Jedi Drinking Song' (this was hilarious for you Star Wars fans out there – a must hear) – ultimately underlining the different styles the Bards play and refer to as Celtic Renaissance. Overall a very enjoyable experience. "
— SXSW Review

"Im killing time here after sending a booking inquiry. I love your music. I started listening to your music from mp3 even before I joined the mailing list. Keep up the great work."
— Virginia Renaissance Festival

"You made my day."
South Mall patron

"The music
makes the air sweeter
the grass softer under my bare feet
The girl across the lawn is prettier
I feel calm and wise
how absurd
But that guy on roller blades
feels as if he's having more fun
And we eat and study
a little happier"

— Poetry given by anonymous UT student

"I saw you guys at the I-con and I must say You are so amazing. I really love you enegry when you play the songs. you guys make them just come to life. Thanks for posing with me for the pic. Even though my mom could not work the camara she got a good shot. ( oh i am the red head with very very red cheecks and blue eyes ( yes i am irish :) ) I had a black dress and a blue and white sweater) I do have a copy of the pic you guys would like one. I hope catch you guys at another fair or I-con. ( i was there saturday at I-con 21) I just wanted to say I love your music and i think it is so great you are keeping tradtion alive and you guys are so so cute as well. O.k. I am going to leave now. But keep up the great work"
— Windsong

"McKee's recorder work really stands out in the original tunes 'Brobdingnagian Love Song' and 'Featherlight.'"
— Greenman Review

"One of these people is Marc from The Brobdingnagian Bards and The Bards Crier in Austin, TX............... Marc is a great musician that we have met over the internet. He is a wonderful Celtic player, promoter, writer and editor of the Bards Crier newsletter. His chart topping group, the Brobdingnagian Bards is very well known in the Austin area for their unforgettable performances. We applaud his talent and great spirit. We also thank him for all his support of the independent and Celtic music communities."
Cilette and Roman of Gypsy Soul

"Re-released 'Valeria' came storming into the Celtic charts today and is in the 'Tolkien' genre with some nice mandolin from Andrew."
— John Wilmott, Celtic Ways

"There's always something new from these boys... Their hit 'Tolkien (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)" is still the track that stands out just as it did when I first heard the group in their pre-hit days before being their NMA promoter. Because The Bards are a natural hit with all that they do I tend to ignore saying much about them. My focus is usually to boost interest in great music that few have heard. However, it is always worth visiting the music site of The Brobdingnagian Bards and bookmark it. Once a week click your bookmark to see what's new - because they seem to add new music almost every week."
— John Wilmott, Celtic Ways

"'TOLKIEN (The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings)' I heard this recently and thought it was great. It's like the old 45's -you could play it over and over. Reminded me that it's time to read the books again!"
— The Swansea Radio Alternative, South Wales

"One of the more eccentric ensembles I've heard on, the Brobdingnagian Bards (who kindly provide pronunciation instructions for their name on their site!) play a wide variety of music on autoharp and recorder. This particular song is one of the many extant versions of 'Gypsy Laddies', or 'Johnny Faa' neatly accompanied with recorder and autoharp"
— Celtic Woodwind

"'The Leprechaun (You're No Irish Laddie!)' In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, (and yes I have lots of Celtic blood) here is a song from my favorite bard."
— Folk Root




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